Is Your Small Business Inspiration Linked to Your DNA?

As an entrepreneur, you would like to think that your brilliant business ideas were self-generated. But in many cases deeper roots in your past are to account for your business decisions, including what type of business you chose to start. Even the savvy you need to launch and sustain a small business can be traced back to other entrepreneurial spirits in your family ancestry.

In the DNA of Small Business, a study conducted by Deluxe Corporation, research revealed that 76% of small business owners had a family member who also owned a small business. That urge to head out on one’s own may well be biological in origin. offers opportunites to explore your personal roots for business acumen. Try the coupon offer to get started on your journey into your family business foundations. Here are several questions to ask about your family history to see if others in your genealogy had a talent for business.

Learn from Failure Rather Than Never Try

The study showed that 70% of small business owners had the outlook that they would rather fail miserably at their new business attempt than never find out if it could ever become successful. Perhaps in your past, a brave uncle or cousin set out to prove the skeptics wrong. They may even have failed, but knew in their hearts the effort was worth it.

Turning Passion into a Living

You may well have started your business because you loved something, a hobby or interest or even a problem you realized no one else had solved. This passion to do more than just make money is one of the boldest characteristics of an entrepreneur. The study showed that 49% of all small business owners started with passion rather than profit in mind. Who else in your family tree had a heartfelt inspiration that become a commercial enterprise?

Your Practical-Minded Relatives

Though passion drives action, the practical side of an entrepreneur prevents reckless decisions. The study showed that 80% of small business owners viewed themselves as practical in nature. Perhaps, you can see your own practical-minded self in your mother or father. They may not have been small business owners, but they may have had the itch and just never scratched it. You had to get it from somewhere.

Learn more about how your talent for business may be buried in your DNA. Use the coupon to get started on your ancestry adventure.